Friday, September 20, 2013

I was wondering where Fall was...

I had a feeling if it didn't show up soon, that the snow would be flying in a matter of weeks and we'd get gypped out of what is KC's best season.

After the crazy looking storms last night, we have some gorgeous weather ahead.  I know summer was fairly mild, but 90 degree air temps are pretty over-rated.

My mom had her 60th birthday, and we hosted the party last weekend.  That was a lot of fun.  Penny cooked like a crazy person all weekend long between that and K's 5th birthday.  She put me to work too, so don't think I got off scot free (or is it Scott?).  Had to look that up...

go scot-free and get off scot-free
to go unpunished; to be acquitted of a crime. (This scot is an old word meaning "tax" or "tax burden.") The thief went scot-free. Jane cheated on the test and got caught, but she got off scot-free.

There you go, you learned something today.  So let's see what else is going on.  We've both been working way too hard.  I'm getting perpetually frustrated at my job when I look up from my little part of the gov't and see how we're being managed (or not managed).  It's funny when you get the private sector people in a job in the gov't and they walk around thinking that so many of their lazy/inept co-workers would be fired in the private sector.  Kind of sad, really.

I shouldn't go on a diatribe about my employer, but it's tough not to sometimes.

Let's talk about something else...K went to the doctor yesterday for his 5-year checkup.  He is on all kinds of prescriptions now.  Allergy stuff in the morning, different stuff at night, and Amoxicillin because he has fluid behind his left ear drum.  When does he not have fluid behind his eardrum?  Maybe if that kid would stop picking his nose and putting everything in his mouth and he wouldn't get sick.  Just a thought.

AB is doing great at soccer, and K is as well.  We had a tourney a couple of weekends ago and some of the refs were commenting at what a stud AB is at playing keeper.  The last team we played were some beasts, and AB only let them score 1 goal in the half he played at keeper.  I think he scored in that game too.

K's soccer team is a calamity of errors, and it's a lot of fun to watch.  K plays pretty good, there are a couple of naturals on his team, which make everyone else look not quite as good though.  The games are usually 5 kids madly kicking at the ball with one kid off to the side spectating/staring off/not quite sure what to do.  Lots of fun!

That's it for now.  I'll have to post some pics up too.  I think we have some from here and there.