Monday, November 11, 2013

The codeine hasn't kicked in yet.

On Friday, I started getting a tickle in my chest, which turned into some interesting percolation type noises upon expiration.  By Sunday, I had a fever of 600* and cold chills, generally achiness, enough nausea to dread it, savage headaches, and felt almost deathly.  Not quite food poisoning bad (that's the worst evar), but quite sickly.  That SO ticked me off seeing as I work for Barack Obama I had Monday off, and was planning on going on a nice long mountain bike ride at Shawnee Mission Park before the weather crapped out.  So much for that, but thank you to all of our Veteran's.  I wish we'd stop getting into so many wars and making veterans, but then that wouldn't be American.  At least of the last 40 years or so.

Anyway, before this turns into a geopolitical summarization from an idiot savant, life has otherwise been pretty good.  Penny got really sick, but she's nearly on the up and up.  Kieran is working through a cold, and AB is healthy except for the fact he was playing football and ran into a retaining wall.  He's trying to take after his old man.

Apart from the sickness, life has been good.  I'm thankful this is all the sick we all get, and that in a week or so we're all back upright and taking names.

Speaking of thankful, Penny has been leading us at dinner every night where we each state what we are thankful for.  AB is always thankful for sports, but tonight he was thankful for friends.  Kieran is often thankful for things that may or may not exist in this plane of reality.  But that's why we're blessed.

So, I'll be riding again soon enough, and trying to get some leg muscles again, and we'll all be ready for T-Day and Christmas.  At the risk of sounding bah-humbug, why in the world do people have Xmas lights up the day after Halloween.  As if Christmas wasn't struggling enough with capitalism...

That's it for now.  I probably should hit the sack and hope for some decent, sweat-less sleep.