Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Run like a couch potato

I've been running a bit lately.  My cycling mileage has been atrocious, but at least it hasn't been zero.  So in the meantime I've been running.  I was going out the other night while it was nearly dark, and one of the neighbor kids harassed me asking me why I'm going out for a run in the dark.  I responded "so people can't see me walk."

Running is an acquired taste.  I've grown to like it to some degree, but it always seems that once I start getting in to the groove I fall off the wagon.  There's probably some weird psychology at play there.

Anyway (sip coffee), I've been trying to run every other night, and haven't been going very far but when I do run, I get after it.  I've been rulking about 2 miles, with about 60% of that walking, 40% running.  I'm transitioning that over to 100% running, but it's slow.  I bet it'll pick up in a week or two once I get those little muscles back in shape that always hurt so bad after the first few runs.

Good news is that I was at 211.8 today, and that's with 2 cups of coffee.  Let's see if next week bears the same trend.

I'm going to try and get out for a lunch ride today, although my lunch route has been broke due to road construction a ways down Mission road.  6 months!  There will probably be delays, so it'll finish up just in time for winter.  I don't even want to think about winter rides right now.  I'm not happy as it is with the temp only hitting upper 50's today.

Not much else going on in life.  AB had a game out at Swope (my first experience) and that was a nice place, although I remember reading that one of council people swindled the money from sewer improvements to build that place.  Sure Swope will be a revenue generator, but you gotta take care of your tax base, which isn't all the JoCo teams that play there.

K has been having some great days at school, and he earned a trip to the ice cream store with his Kindergarten teacher.  That's pretty cool.  I don't remember by Kindergarten teacher, except that I farted when my parents and I had our initial meeting with her.  Must have been quite a fart for me to remember it 32 years later.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tulsa Cup

I figure I should make a post about the kids from time to time, I know that's what gets me the hit count on the site.

Actually not, but I took some pics from this weekend and wanted to post them up.

Short story short, AB had a soccer/futbol tourney in Tulsa, and his team took home the championship.  It was pretty cool to go out of town and go to town on the in town teams.  Yea, you might have to read that twice, but it's worth it.

They outscored their opponents 25-1 in 4 games, even though I believe it was their first time playing 8v8.  Go soccer!  These are generally bad pics, but lesson learned don't bring the point and shoot to athletic events.  A DSLR with manual zoom is WAY better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting on about it

Forgive me if this is an odd post, but it's 6am and my words aren't super strong yet.

I decided awhile back that I need to get in shape again (other than a roundish shape).  Mainly because I see some deficiencies in my overall condition, like a core that is more like a wet noodle than a pillar of stone.  Somewhere closer to the stone is what I'm aiming for.

213.4 lbs.  I don't like seeing that look up at me from the scale, but it is what it is.  Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.  In a perfect world, I'd be closer to 180, like when I was racing.  I still had some gut to lose back then, but I was a good bit healthier.  My face was certainly skinnier, although I think I look better with fat face.  

Of course, after I lost all that weight, I had to get a new suit.  I fortunately don't wear suits very often, so I tried putting it back on after regaining the weight.  Yeeeouch.  My neck was about 1.5" thicker, and my waist was about 3" bigger too.  The waist didn't surprise me that much, but who knew a neck would get that much fattier?  Crazy.

I'm going to break this weight-losing effort up, and try and report back my week's activities, as well as what my weigh-in is on Thursday mornings.  My "goal" is to be down to 205 by Memorial weekend.  After that, I'll set a new goal and go from there.

As for what I did this week, I ran-ish about 2.5 miles on Sunday night, and rode about 20 miles yesterday.  I need to set a real schedule, but I'm thinking 3 core workouts a week, 2 rides, 2 runs, and some amount of strength training as well.  I'll post up my workout schedule later.

I'm not really big (har-har) on sharing all this, but I think if I start being more accountable to my botnet-readers (I doubt there's any humans out there), I'm more likely to see it through.

I really need to cut back on using parentheticals as well.