Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I really like Kansas. Except for this guy.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The fam went on an extended vacation to the land of round ears and bad drivers. We flew down last Thursday, and since Kieran had been fighting a cold, his ear drums could have fit in Mickey's ears no problem. Try calming down a baby on a flight. Now multiply that 10x when a 7-year old is going into a fit of misery and rage, and telling me to land the pain plane. Yea, that was real fun. At least our nice Southwest hostess explained that gum doesn't work, and the only thing that really does is to pinch your nose and try and blow out. I'm pretty sure K was blowing so hard he was shuddering. That kid doesn't do anything at 99%.

We finally landed, and was greeted by 80 degrees and a warm breeze. Weather like that doesn't endear me to the midwest, especially when we got back it was 35 degrees with flurries and all I had was shorts. Over the course of the next 6 days we went to Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and finally capped it off at Discovery Cove where Kieran snorkle-chased a 100-pound manta ray around until he wore it out and let him touch it. Star Wars was in full effect at Hollywood Studios, and they still have a few things coming out in the next few months. Of course, I found reason to complain, as I'm not sure why everything wasn't ready then. TFA came out in December, and it's 3 months later! Where is my fireworks show!?!?!

Anyway, after logging multiple days of 15k+ steps and standing in a couple of one hour lines, we packed everything up and drove to the beach for a couple of days of roasting relaxing. The boys got sunburned a bit, but that's too be expected with our pale Kansas winter skin. At least they are ok now and starting to peel in relative comfort.

Our 10th and final day was pretty much crap. Penny for reasons forgotten by all, decided to book an 8am flight out of RSW. We were cutting it close by arriving at 6:50, but of course got held up at the rental return because the lady receiving the car thinks we put a huge gash on the front bumper. I told her we didn't hit anything, and weren't given an opportunity to check the car out before we left. We'll see how this plays out, but I'm not optimistic and may have a blog post/internet rant about Alamo. Fingers crossed.

We made it through that, and had checked in with the American Airlines front desk when she told us out gate was 4D. By told, I mean mumbled. We go hauling arse down to D terminal's security checkpoint when the TSA guy told us we need to be at B, on the other side of the airport. Thankfully RSW isn't huge, but of course B terminal had a 30 minute security checkpoint line. Penny and I start puckering up, but I try to remain calm. We get through security, and I'm the first one so I grab my shoes and belt and backpack and bolt for the gate to get them to hold the plane. Thankfully we all just squeeze on to the plane, and then realize 1.5 flights later that we left a bag in security at RSW. Figures. We finally make it back to MCI and get this lovely weather that I spoke of earlier, and that was a wrap. The car started and we didn't run out of gas on the way back. That was a long vacation that happened in the blink of an eye, but I think we made some good memories. I even rode a couple of small rollercoasters. That's a big step in itself.

That's it for now. I have more stuff to post but it'll have to wait.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Almost did it

I about started belting out "She Talks to Angels" from the Black Crowes at work while listening in my headphones. Maybe I need to adjust my telework agreement some more.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't make me come up with a title

I'm listening to Nathaniel Ratliff on my iPhone with the stock ear buds. It is totally fulfilling; such crappy audio quality. All my good headphones are at home. This is the down side to having to go into work.

My ride went ok last week. 20 miles and my legs were toasted after having lifted the day before. Consistency breeds results. Needless to say, I haven't ridden since. I actually am excited about riding this year. I'll have to get out over lunch on Wednesday with the nice weather. I'm ready for all the group rides to get fired up. It's nice riding in a group, although I'm usually sucking so much wind I don't have a lot of conversations.

We have a big weekend coming up. Going to hit up the aquarium, Melting Pot, and we have a big basketball game (KU-OU). That's the bigger, orange ball for all my MU friends (that aren't on probation). Oh yea, I went there.

That's it for now. I'm ready for winter to go elsewhere.

Like Australia.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

I wasn't going to post

Somehow I found my way on to my own site. I'm exhausted, but Penny is watching some Nicholas Sparks movie in bed, so I'm sitting at my computer nursing some bourbon and charging my lights/Garmin for the ride tomorrow.

I haven't been on the bike for like 4 months. Something like that. I'm thinking tomorrow will be super hard, especially since the last time I checked it's supposed to be a cat 3 hurricane. At least I'm a little lighter and definitely stronger than the last time I rode, although I did dead lifts and other leg torture movements today during my training session. Should be fun. I hope I don't suck a hole in the ozone.

The house is coming together nicely. It's almost to the point where I don't feel obliged to talk about it, although a great amount of our coin and Penny's thinking is going towards making it look nice. That kind of stuff is over my head, although I am weighing in on almost every decision. I even have said "no" to a few things. That just isn't like me. I must be getting angry in my old age.

Speaking of peeing your pants, Penny keeps reminding me I'm turning 40 this year. Cheese and rice, that's a pretty good mark in one's life. It doesn't seem like I've been around that long, but there sure has been a lot of stuff happen and I've done a lot myself. I've been unfairly blessed, that's for sure.

I opened another tab and got distracted by facebook, so now all my momentum for this post is gone. I'll be rooting for the Broncos tomorrow, and as expected, AB will be rooting for the opposite team of me. Hopefully Peyton can finish with a great game, but it'll be a hard one with dem Panthers.

Friday, January 15, 2016

That was a lot of work

I love moving. So no one ever.

I expected that to be a lot of work and it was nothing short of that. I'm glad we're on the other side of it, and we're settling in nicely.

We started a new sermon series at church, and even if you aren't a Methodical or Christian, I think this one is worth a watch. Feel free to post up comments or re-share.

Practicing Politics, Keeping Faith from Church of the Resurrection on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Well that was a long pause

Didn't mean to leave for such a long time after the "big news". I wouldn't call it big news, unless you live under my roof. We're moving, I'd say it's pretty official at this point. There are still some things that could go belly up and call the whole deal off, but it is getting more likely we'll finish and be moving over the Christmas holiday break.

As if Christmas isn't stressful enough. It's not really the holiday that is stressful, I mean it is a little bit, but it's more being holed up with my wild ones for two weeks straight. I love them, but as any parent knows, a little bit goes a long ways when the kids are sugared up and over stimulated by all the toys. It can make for some interesting parental decisions.

Now if we couple that with a move, that oughta make for some big blowups. We'll make it through, and hopefully be glad we did it a few weeks into January.

My training has been going "ok". I went to Nashville and destroyed any semblance of a low-carb diet, and I'm struggling to fully get back on the plan. I'm doing better, but having the Fatty Trinity of T-Day, my birthday, and Xmas is going to try and bring me down. Plus I'm sure we'll be boozing it up to cope with all the packing and moving. I'll be excited to get back on the bike, as I haven't spun a bit since the Berryman trip.

Time keeps ploughing on by, and we're trying to watch as many movies as we can in the movie theater before we have to relinquish that. I think we'll all miss it quite a bit, but I am 99% sure we aren't going to build another one. I'll have to see how good of a cinematic environment I can build with an open floor plan. I guess it'll be a challenge, but we're a few years off of that. Mama says we gotta decorate the new house, so I can't get any more guitars or bikes next year. I guess that means I'll actually have to practice with the guitars I have, and ride my old bikes into the ground. Either that or get a second job for fun money.

Anyway, I'm rambling at this point since I don't have anything else earth shattering, which is fine with me. This move thing is more than enough.