Saturday, June 13, 2015

Glenda Taylor

I'm going to try and remember the post I came up with 8 miles ago on my ride.

On June 7th, Glenda Taylor, an art professor from Washburn was killed while preparing for the KS State Championship Time Trial.  I never met her, but I bet our paths crossed at some point during my racing days.  I'd like to think I smiled at her if our eyes met, everything I've read about her tells me that she had a good aura.  She was selfless, often taking younger female racers under her wing. Lots of the people I'm friends with from my racing days were shell shocked to hear of her passing.

Far too often I come across a news story about a racer getting hit and killed. Steve Tilford (who has an excellent blog), has hypothesized that there are just more people these days.  More cyclists and more drivers.  Cyclists sometimes ride like jerks, and sometimes drivers drive like jerks too. I hope I haven't been a jerk with either activity, but it happens.

Actually now I remember an incident a long time ago when I was leaving UMKC, and the weather was snowy.  I think I was trying to pull out onto Rockhill in my car when a commuter was coming down the hill on the sidewalk.  I had inadvertently pulled out in his way so I could see the traffic, but obviously caused a bit of panic for him.  He flipped me off and went on his way. I wasn't totally in the wrong, but the thought running through my head was that "hey, I'm one of you". I wasn't some asshole driver, but I guess that time I was.

I was totally paying attention in that moment, but still about took this poor dude out. I could have hurt him bad, but I'm not sure if I could have done anything better.  On the other hand, Glenda was killed by someone who may have been distracted. He was charged with 2nd degree murder, among other things. Some of my cycling friends feel a bit vindicated with the severity of that charge. Often cyclists are killed and the driver gets a plead down to a misdemeanor or involuntary manslaughter. I can appreciate the fact that some feel vindicated. On the other hand, it's not easy for the driver either. Maybe he was checking his texts, or messing with the stereo, or spacing out. But now he is going to jail, maybe for a long time. Think of the ripple effect of his poor choice of not being focused whilst driving.  5 seconds of distraction.

Cars are getting away from the driving experience and being more about being entertained. Taking the driver out of the equation. I think that is a terrible mistake, but probably necessary to get us to the point where people no longer drive cars. Until cars can drive themselves, and safely, this kind of thing is going to continue to happen. Especially with Facebook, Twitter, etc and the connectedness of things. Social media is going to be the death of humanity. Connecting through a computer is disconnecting us spiritually. And I don't mean God type spirituality, I'm talking about the bonds of humanity.

The bonds of humanity are what will keep us on this rock. Selflessness, which is the highest form of existence, doesn't come from us burying our noses in our phones and iPads. I see drivers driving around on 70 degree days with their windows up and a/c presumably on. We cushion ourselves from living.  We let other people climb mountains on "reality" TV while we sit on the couch and numb our minds and souls.  I think I've said it before, but no one is going to give a crap at the end of your days if you watched 50,000 hours of TV. People that will be missed are those who seek out life, who reach out to people and touch their souls. The more we separate ourselves from living this life, the more we subscribe to the "me vs. them".  There isn't a "them".  It's an "us".

We all are on this rock together. We all want to be happy, to live our lives with some control over the outcome. What is better, an individual looking out for themselves or that same individual living for everyone else and everyone else living for each other?

Regardless of your spiritual belief, most major religions recognize that Jesus was a human in perfect form. He embodied selflessness, and tried to teach others that the path to salvation is by forgetting yourself. Whether you are a Christian or Jew or Muslim or an Atheist, I think if we tried to live a little more selflessly, the world would seem a little more livable.

Sorry for the rambling post, but I had a lot on my mind.  Now get off your device and do something.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

And now it's hot.

I knew that would happen.  We get all that rain, and it's nice and cool, and then BAM, it's 90 and humid.  I don't feel smug/proud/informed about predicting that.  I'd much rather be wrong.

My workout schedule has been pathetic.  I got swamped at work for a couple of weeks, and then have had a tough time jumping back on the horse.  I'd love to blame the weather, but I just haven't been feeling it. This is why I should be keeping track of this stuff and blogging about it.  I guess that gives me an outlet.

I did get to go for a ride last weekend, and thought I was going to die.  Not really die, but I had to pull over a few times to cool off in the shade because it was so flipping hot.  My heart rate hit 195bpm, which is pretty high for an old gipper like me. I don't know what a gipper is, but I think it sounds ok to my coffee starved brain.  I rode crazy slow, but I sure wasn't going to push it, especially since my new route these days has a bit of climbing on it (about 1100 ft over 19 miles).

I think I may try and ride to work tomorrow. That really gets my metabolism up, and I could use some of that.  I did weigh in at 208.4 today, which is good, but I was hoping to be quite a bit lower by now. I suppose the inactivity had something to do with that?

AB had soccer tryouts last week, and they went pretty well. We decided to go with a new club this year, which was kind of tough, but I think it'll work out better in the end. We'll miss some of the new friends/families we got to know last year, but I have a feeling we'll see them this Fall.

AB has been rocking it at baseball too. He's been playing spectacularly at catcher, throwing all kinds of poor fools out trying to steal.  I think he really enjoys that and we all love watching him do it. He also had a great night pitching a few days ago.  He pitched 3 innings, faced 11 batters, and had 7 K's, no BBs, and no earned runs.  He also had a nice snag on a line drive hit to him at 3rd to end the game. Despite being so good at baseball and soccer, he still says basketball is his favorite sport. I guess it's a lot more fun to practice basketball. I dunno. That kid is a tough one to figure out.

K has been having lots of fun this summer too. He's made some good friends and continues to really grow up. We're trying to catch him up on his academics this summer too, as he wasn't able to get as much out of Kindergarten since we were dealing with his spirited-ness so much last year. I will say his teacher was amazing, and even met with us this summer so that K could meet her dog out at SMP.  K earned that "treat" over the last week of school by staying out of the dreaded "reds" on his behavior chart. When he puts his mind to it, he really can accomplish some great things. He certainly makes me proud.

Well, I think I've run the gamut on this post.  Weather, riding, sports, kids. Until next time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Erratic post behavior

Last Wednesday I weighed in at 210.0 on the dot.  I wasn't super happy, but at least it was down and not up.  Tonight is breakfast for dinner since Penny is out of town, and hopefully I'll be mindful and not mow down too much since tomorrow is weigh-in-Wednesday.

I've been terrible about working out.  Either it's been raining, I've been lazy, or I've been busy.  I ran yesterday for a short stint, and wanted to run again today but work has me by the sensitive bits right now.  It'll be over soon.  I keep telling myself that.

I thought since I didn't really have any super important stuff to say I'd post up a quote I'm rather fond of.  It is from Teddy Roosevelt, and it is a brief quote out of a speech he delivered in Paris, France, just over 115 years ago.  The entire speech is here (PDF).  What strikes me about reading through the speech is how far the quality of our speech has fallen.  I cannot not possibly fathom a President using such beautiful verbiage today.  I guess the speech writer's are trying to cater to the lowest common denominator these days.  Seems to be an American trend...anyway before I get started on that, here's the quote.  I hope you enjoy it.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. 

Actually, if I look at that closer, that's one helluva run-on sentence.  For shame!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kieran pics

I had a few pics of the big cheese in my life from when we went to the Museum of Natural History at Prairiefire, and also from his kindergarten musical.  I thought I'd share them out to the family...


Time flitting by

Weigh-in Wednesday revealed a 210.2 to me.  That's pretty good.  It's not massive, but it's a trend, and I like weight-loss trends.

I haven't been very good about working out this week.  My legs have been pretty sore for some reason, but I'll get some mileage in this weekend.  I had a nice lunch ride on Tuesday, and decided to do my hill climbing route for some stupid reason.  Within the first 10 minutes of the ride I was tasting the blood from burst capillaries in my lungs.  I guess competitive cycling does give you the ability to push pretty hard, sometimes I forget how far off back I fell off the wagon.

Ah well, I'm still young-ish enough.  At least I feel that way.  I wonder why that is.  I'm not *that* active, but I still love running around with the kids like I'm 16.  Probably a little slower and jigglier than 16, but you get the idea.  Maybe I just refuse to get old.

I hope to die "with my boots on" and with a completely broken-down, worn out body.  That might be optimistic, but I think it's something to shoot for.

That's it for now.  I gotta get back to the real world for a bit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Run like a couch potato

I've been running a bit lately.  My cycling mileage has been atrocious, but at least it hasn't been zero.  So in the meantime I've been running.  I was going out the other night while it was nearly dark, and one of the neighbor kids harassed me asking me why I'm going out for a run in the dark.  I responded "so people can't see me walk."

Running is an acquired taste.  I've grown to like it to some degree, but it always seems that once I start getting in to the groove I fall off the wagon.  There's probably some weird psychology at play there.

Anyway (sip coffee), I've been trying to run every other night, and haven't been going very far but when I do run, I get after it.  I've been rulking about 2 miles, with about 60% of that walking, 40% running.  I'm transitioning that over to 100% running, but it's slow.  I bet it'll pick up in a week or two once I get those little muscles back in shape that always hurt so bad after the first few runs.

Good news is that I was at 211.8 today, and that's with 2 cups of coffee.  Let's see if next week bears the same trend.

I'm going to try and get out for a lunch ride today, although my lunch route has been broke due to road construction a ways down Mission road.  6 months!  There will probably be delays, so it'll finish up just in time for winter.  I don't even want to think about winter rides right now.  I'm not happy as it is with the temp only hitting upper 50's today.

Not much else going on in life.  AB had a game out at Swope (my first experience) and that was a nice place, although I remember reading that one of council people swindled the money from sewer improvements to build that place.  Sure Swope will be a revenue generator, but you gotta take care of your tax base, which isn't all the JoCo teams that play there.

K has been having some great days at school, and he earned a trip to the ice cream store with his Kindergarten teacher.  That's pretty cool.  I don't remember by Kindergarten teacher, except that I farted when my parents and I had our initial meeting with her.  Must have been quite a fart for me to remember it 32 years later.  

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tulsa Cup

I figure I should make a post about the kids from time to time, I know that's what gets me the hit count on the site.

Actually not, but I took some pics from this weekend and wanted to post them up.

Short story short, AB had a soccer/futbol tourney in Tulsa, and his team took home the championship.  It was pretty cool to go out of town and go to town on the in town teams.  Yea, you might have to read that twice, but it's worth it.

They outscored their opponents 25-1 in 4 games, even though I believe it was their first time playing 8v8.  Go soccer!  These are generally bad pics, but lesson learned don't bring the point and shoot to athletic events.  A DSLR with manual zoom is WAY better.