Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I forgot how to spell my domain name

Sure...that's why I haven't posted in so long.  It actually hasn't seemed that long, but life is hauling arse on by.

This blog pops up in my head a lot, but I usually either get distracted or remember I don't have anything that great to post about.  My distraction rate is pretty high these days, so I'm not guaranteeing any sort of blog quality nor coherence.

You can't see that, but I was just IM'ing a friend and totally forgot what I was going to say here.


Penny is out of town right now, so I'm manning the fort.  The boys are on early release today, so I get to have them at home at 2pm, plus the cleaning ladies are here in a bit so I had to pick up the house.  One of the great ironies of life...cleaning the house before the cleaners arrive.

Even with all the practices it isn't too bad, at least I'm not hyperventilating.  I'm prone to do that, kind of like my boys when you change the schedule at the last minute.  It's funny all the bad traits your kids exhibit and then you realize you have them yourself.  I thought I had a refined view of nature vs nuture, but that's been nearly thrown out the window.  Nature runs wild in my house.

I just turned my music back on and now forgot what else I was going to say.  Good thing I studies ADHD in college.  Apparently all those test subjects infected me.

Work is going moderately terrible, as I can't seem to get anything done without people getting in my way.  I like to play nice, but I'm about to kick some people down the stairs.  Kind of like President Frank Underwood when he's smoking the cigar with the Russian President.