Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I hate paying corporations

I begrudgingly signed up for Directv last September to watch KU basketball.  I seriously hate all forms of cable TV.

When I signed up, I had to sign a 24 month contract with a 12 month price guarantee.  That sounds completely stupid to me, and I called the sales rep on it.  He goes on to assure me as long as I pay my bills on time, I'll be able to take advantage of other offers once the 12 months is up.


13 months later, after my bill goes up by over $37 a month, I email support, and they offer me $10 off a month.

Thanks Marilou.  I bet you're a nice person, and that's why I didn't go off on you.  I hope you get a job someday where you're not working for some soul-sucking corporation.

Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Hi, my name is Marilou M. (ID 100709617). How are you today?CHRIS SMITH:okay, how are you?Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:I am glad to know that you're okay, Chris I am good, thank you. I got your concern and I'd be happy to help.CHRIS SMITH:It appears that $37/mo of promo credit has expiredMarilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Yes, I noticed that as well. I certainly understand that cost value is of great importance to our customers, Chris. I found that you have CHOICE package at $66.99 a month. Would you like to change your pacakge? We have other packages here that may suit your entertainment needs on a more affordable price.CHRIS SMITH:What would you recommend?Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Can you tell me what channels are important to you and to your family? I want to make sure that you will be able to watch your favorite programs even before we change your package.CHRIS SMITH:primarily espn.Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Thanks. Anything else that you enjoy watching?CHRIS SMITH:fox sports midwestMarilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Thanks for letting me know, Chris. Please give me a minute or two while I check on the best package for you. Would that be ok?CHRIS SMITH:sureMarilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Thanks. I'll be right back.Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Thank you for waiting, I appreciate your time. I see here that CHOICE is the best package for you so you'll be able to watch your sports channels. I am now checking on the offers available on the account. Please bear with me.CHRIS SMITH:okMarilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:Thanks for your patience. I was able to do an override here on my end that will enable me give you a $10 off for 1 year without changing the package! How does that sound to you?CHRIS SMITH:It sounds like I'm still paying $27 more a month.  I was told when I signed up that as long as I kept my account in good standing, that I should be able to maintain my rate once the 12 month promotional period expires.  I was told that after I expressed my concern about signing a 24 month contract with a 12 month rate guarantee.Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:I understand that the discount I have may not be sufficient to your needs. I apologize if I am only able to provide you what my restrictions allow. For your convenience, you may call us at 1-800-531-5000 anytime between 8:00 AM and 1:00 AM Eastern time to inquire on other offers available.CHRIS SMITH:that's not really convenient, as my time is worth something as well.Marilou M. (ID 100709617) DIRECTV:I definitely understand that time is valuable, Chris. I will be able to provide you with a $10 off but it seems that it's not what you are expecting so it's best to give us a call to make sure all our resources are checked regarding the offers available on your account.