Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting closer

The car deal is almost done!  Should have some pics/results here in the next couple of days.

Much more importantly, K-man finally slept through the night last night, so that was great.  Penny and I both appreciated the extra rest.  He is such a cheese, too!  Everytime you look at him, he gets his big gappy-tooth grin and shrugs his shoulders up tight.  What a goofball.  It's fun eating dinner across from him.  At least until he decides he's done, and starts chucking his food/plate/cup on to the floor. 

And speaking of chucking food and plates, last night I was taking my dinner over to the table and had a nervous system failure and decided to drop my plate on the edge of the table, breaking the plate and dumping my burrito on to the floor.  That made me pretty upset, and oddly amused.  I have no idea why I did that.  AB even asked me why I did that.  Haha.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Negotiating (with a 16 month old)

So I'm trying to buy a car now.  Negotiations with the dealer have been drawn out, and mildly frustrating.  Mostly frustrating because they have drawn out for so long.  As I some how prognosticated, we're buying my car ahead of "schedule", but way under budget.  So that's good I guess.  As long as Penny has a simple majority on happiness, all is well in the household.  Well, mostly.

K man has been waking up for GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT REASON at 3 am more often than not over the last two weeks.  I think last night he just decided his bed wasn't comfy enough so it was time to rise and SHINE.  So Penny and I took turns rocking him between 3am and 5am, trying to lay him back down and trying to rock him and trying to lay him in our bed and trying to ignore the yelling toddler that is separated from our heads with 3 feet of air and one wimpy non-insulated wall.  Needless to say, we are all a little tired.  Everyone but Kieran and Aiden that is.  Aiden slept through it (of course) and Kieran came down ready for a fight or breakfast or whatever the day put before him.  Jeez Dad, why do you look so tired?

At least we went to church last night, and were reminded of the 11th commandment, Thou shalt not launch thy toddler into next week.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Signed in blood...

I've contributed $100 and change to the Kansas City Sports Commission and will become a pseudo-triathlete on May 23rd now.  I'm tentatively been assigned bib number 1070, so you will recognize me as I'm carried out on a stretcher after drowning in the first 50 meters.

Honestly, I'm not *that* concerned about finishing.  The distances are really pretty short, thus the "sprint" moniker.  750 meter swim, 20k bike ride, and a 5k run.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Hehe.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Testing my dedication already!

Master's swim class...5:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

That's what time I used to leave the house to go to work at DST.  I was a much younger man then.  I guess if that's the price I have to pay, I'll just sleep with my trunks on.  ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Working stiff

The new gig is going great, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming work that I'll be doing.  My future assignments seem to be very technical, and I get to use my brain.  Few things delight me more than actually thinking through a problem and coming up with a solid solution.  It seems that it's been awhile since I've done that...

Things have been pretty busy, at least it's felt that way.  I'm looking forward to having some friends/family over for the Super Bowl as Peyton will show the world who is the best quarterback in the NFL.  Yea, I know a lot of people don't like him because he's been too successful.  And some people, myself included, think he's kind of sold out and endorses too much crap.  But I suppose that one's useful shelf life as an endorser is limited, and you might as well strike while the iron is hot.  Right Tiger?

I've been looking at cars quite a bit as well.  It's nearly time to retire the M3 and move on to a more "grown-up" car.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I'm probably jumping the gun though and going to get myself all worked up before I can pull the trigger, but if I didn't do that, I just wouldn't be me.

I really think I need to refocus on my triathlon training and that should help bide the time while I fix a few minor things on the M and get ready to expand the family.  The car family, that is.