Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1 month's worth of posting

Did you know the world was flat?  I fell off the edge, that's how I know.

I left you wondering how things went at the State Championship, and let's just say it sucked.  The whole weekend sucked.  Friday was my 35th birthday, and it didn't go so hot.  AB had pink eye, Kieran impacted one of his teeth, my back issues persisted so I didn't get to race, I few other things occurred that just weren't as hoped for.  So that just kinda stunk.  Badly. 

So once that disappointment was over,  I decided to hang it up for the race season. Two CX races in 2011 was not what I had hoped for.  I really just spent too much time off the bike to make it worth going out there and getting flogged for 50 minutes and $25.  I had a plan coming into the year, and it got all messed up once I applied the rest of the family's schedule to it, so I lost a lot of impetus.  Instead of making the best of what I had, I just hmmphed my way into mediocrity. 

I was able to get out to the Boxing Day CX race as a spectator, and cheer on some of my teammates and a few of the guys on other teams.  It was fun.  It's funny watching CX, because it looks so slow, but you realize that these guys are fast and you know how much it hurts when you are racing.  It's definitely not what it seems from outside the tape.  Casey B. had a strong race in the Open class, and David N. and SC had excellent races in the 3/4 race.  Peck and I had a good time shooting the race as well.  I got to play with some different lenses and different settings on my Nikon D80.  It really makes you appreciate good photographers, because it isn't easy pulling off great shots.

Christmas went off great, the boys had a great time, and I finally got a guitar.  I'm excited to start learning it.  I'm enjoying learning, but there's a long way to go before I'm fit for public consumption. 

New Year's Eve/our Anniversary came and went quickly.  We had our annual party, the kids destroyed the downstairs, we cleaned up all day New Year's Day, and we all ate and drank too much. 

Fast forward to 2012.  I am not making resolutions, but I am enacting some lifestyle changes starting on Jan 1.  My weight has been creeping up and fitness has been sliding down, so I've decided to make some small, sustainable changes to prevent a recurrence of 2011.

1) Ride at least 50 miles every week.  This isn't a huge number, but it would be a vast increase over what I rode last year, sadly.  I think this should also keep me from sinking too far and taking too much time off the bike.  I've made some allowances for trainer time/miles, because sometimes it's just too cold out.
2) Drink more water.  I was pretty good at the beginning of the year, but started getting pretty inconsistent once summer ended.
3) Eat more protein.  Protein helps curb over-eating as it makes you feel full, and stay full.
4) Alcohol and sweets once a week.  It's amazing how many garbage calories you can consume by having a little bit of sweets and a drink a night. 

Well, that's all I got for now.  I'm going for a ride...

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