Thursday, November 13, 2014


I went riding out at Shawnee Mission Park on Monday afternoon, trying to embrace some of the last vestiges of 60* + days.  Apparently laying off the bike for awhile isn't good for my riding skills.  Who knew!?!?

I was making my way around Red, which is rocky and mildly technical, like most of SMP, and crashed over-the-bars for some reason.  I think I was just tired.  No big deal, a little blood but pretty average for a good MTB ride.  I went a big further, and then crashed harder.  I didn't injure myself, but I managed to finish off my tired saddle that has slowly been dying for some time now.  End result:

Of course when I did that, I couldn't have been much further from the car, so I had to ride the rest of the way standing up.  That's tough, and even tougher when you not only use your saddle to sit, but to control the rear of your bike.  I stopped GPS recording my ride when that happened, but in hindsight I probably should have kept it going to see how far I rode on the way back.  Thankfully I found my way to the Mill Creek paved trail and was able to haul arse the rest of the way back, and got home just in time to get the kids from school.

I was sore for a few days after crashing and riding.  Getting old sucks, and is highly over-rated.

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