Thursday, June 11, 2015

And now it's hot.

I knew that would happen.  We get all that rain, and it's nice and cool, and then BAM, it's 90 and humid.  I don't feel smug/proud/informed about predicting that.  I'd much rather be wrong.

My workout schedule has been pathetic.  I got swamped at work for a couple of weeks, and then have had a tough time jumping back on the horse.  I'd love to blame the weather, but I just haven't been feeling it. This is why I should be keeping track of this stuff and blogging about it.  I guess that gives me an outlet.

I did get to go for a ride last weekend, and thought I was going to die.  Not really die, but I had to pull over a few times to cool off in the shade because it was so flipping hot.  My heart rate hit 195bpm, which is pretty high for an old gipper like me. I don't know what a gipper is, but I think it sounds ok to my coffee starved brain.  I rode crazy slow, but I sure wasn't going to push it, especially since my new route these days has a bit of climbing on it (about 1100 ft over 19 miles).

I think I may try and ride to work tomorrow. That really gets my metabolism up, and I could use some of that.  I did weigh in at 208.4 today, which is good, but I was hoping to be quite a bit lower by now. I suppose the inactivity had something to do with that?

AB had soccer tryouts last week, and they went pretty well. We decided to go with a new club this year, which was kind of tough, but I think it'll work out better in the end. We'll miss some of the new friends/families we got to know last year, but I have a feeling we'll see them this Fall.

AB has been rocking it at baseball too. He's been playing spectacularly at catcher, throwing all kinds of poor fools out trying to steal.  I think he really enjoys that and we all love watching him do it. He also had a great night pitching a few days ago.  He pitched 3 innings, faced 11 batters, and had 7 K's, no BBs, and no earned runs.  He also had a nice snag on a line drive hit to him at 3rd to end the game. Despite being so good at baseball and soccer, he still says basketball is his favorite sport. I guess it's a lot more fun to practice basketball. I dunno. That kid is a tough one to figure out.

K has been having lots of fun this summer too. He's made some good friends and continues to really grow up. We're trying to catch him up on his academics this summer too, as he wasn't able to get as much out of Kindergarten since we were dealing with his spirited-ness so much last year. I will say his teacher was amazing, and even met with us this summer so that K could meet her dog out at SMP.  K earned that "treat" over the last week of school by staying out of the dreaded "reds" on his behavior chart. When he puts his mind to it, he really can accomplish some great things. He certainly makes me proud.

Well, I think I've run the gamut on this post.  Weather, riding, sports, kids. Until next time.

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