Friday, September 25, 2009

Katy Trail

This weekend me and some of my boys are going to go take on the Katy Trail. I'm not sure what to make of the trail itself. It's definitely not technically challenging, but I think the challenge comes into play when you jam your seat between your legs on the 2nd day. That should be good fun. Maybe I'll grab some extra hot dog buns from the Brat fest in Hermann and sit on those.

Plus this'll be my first train ride in probably...errrrr....uh....22 years. Jeesh! Some people aren't even 22 years old!

It'll be tough being away from my boys, but a break is always nice. AB has been awfully emotional for some reason (getting teary-eyed sad because I told him to dress nice today) and K-man is clingy as anything. He'll have a great big cry if you don't hold him. Pretty funny, but I like it better when he has that big gap-toothed grin and wrinkled nose.

Talk to you all on Monday, provided I don't get eaten by a mountain lion or a redneck.

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