Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm not sure what that means, but it popped into my head when I decided to post up today. Yes, I've been a lame blogger, but to my defense...wait, I don't have any defense. So I'll recount a few things and then end with a big old race report.

- Saw Harry Potter #7 Saturday night. Freaking awesome, but INTENSE. Definitely not for the under 12 crowd, which isn't good for AB.
- Speaking of AB, we had a follow-up appointment this morning. The surgeons said it looks like it is healing up great, and that he should be ready for basketball here in a couple of weeks. He just has a couple of band-aids and a metal splint on it right now, and after next week, maybe just a band-aid. The doctor said kids grow fingertips back like newts, so it shouldn't be long at all before he's good to go.
- Looks like it is going to be cold sooner rather than later. I have mixed feelings about that. Better cold than hot, I guess.
- My team put on a race on Sunday, Manion's Cross #2. It was hard, especially since I haven't been riding very often. I kind of got out of my routine after I got sick, and just haven't been putting in the miles. The course was hilly, and lots of fun. I dropped my chain twice (where it comes off of the big rings up front), and that ticked me off. I was in some serious pain/wind suckage the last lap and a half, and didn't have anything. I had a couple of people pass me that had no business passing me, and I had no answer. I was pretty mad after the race was over, and thought I was in the last 5 racers. I looked around on the last lap, and hardly saw anyone. I ended up getting 17th out of 32, which surprised me.

I need to get some serious time in between now and the state championships, and hopefully get a top 10 one of the two days. I have to rip my bike apart between now and then to get it cleaned up and tuned, it's falling to pieces as I haven't been loving it enough, apparently.

That's it for now. Talk at you all later.

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