Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogs are slowly coming in...

I expected more race recaps last night, but I think everyone was whupped from this year's TofKC.  Me included.  I'll try and do a good job here, but it's a little fuzzy.

Friday was the crit out in Lee's Summit.  There was a bit of climbing, but the temps were starting to crank up when we started out at 5pm.  I had a large fan club out there, and that was awesome.  Even if I was dying a 1000 deaths out there, I still smiled a few times coming through there with everyone cheering me on and the cowbell clanging.  I held on for two laps (gasp!) and got blown off the back.  I then time trialed the last 10 laps solo mio until Tracy caught up with me for the last 3 laps or so.  We tried to help each other a bit, but it was to no avail.  I don't think we caught anyone.  I finished 15/19.  Yuck.  I wasn't really expecting too much, as it was only my 2nd crit ever.  I did learn to trust my bike a bit more, and really started railing some of the corners.  Dang that's fun!

Saturday was up at the Police Academy just north of Worlds of Fun.  We raced at 12-something, and it wasn't quite as hot as there was some decent cloud cover.  I was out there until half way through the last race when Dan-O mentioned my neck was pretty red.  Me being partially 'tarded forgot to put on sunscreen so I skidaddled since I knew I'd be out there again on Sunday.  I got a nice burn, but nothing crazy.

As for the race, I pushed it more aggressively this time, and hung on for probably 6-7 laps, about halfway through the race.  Not aggressive enough, and time-trialed to the end.  I did work with a VeloTek rider (Travis Tesone, I think), and he ended up catching up to the group ahead of us and getting the best of them.  Good for him, and I need to be doing that as well.  We did pass a few guys though, so it helped.  I finished 18/27 on this mostly flat course.  The wind was a factor in a couple of spots, so if you were in no-man's-land by yourself, you paid the price.  Better race today, still not great.

Sunday was the last day of the Tour.  Same course as Saturday, they just ran it backwards.  It was hot as anything.  I noticed my Garmin said 101* during the race.  That doesn't do much to spur you along, so I probably should disable that data field.  I pushed a lot harder and fought to stay on.  We started out at a decent pace ~23mph, and then there was about a 7-rider break that went off the front during the 2nd of 12 laps.  They were never seen again.  That is one of things when you ride with the 5's.  There are clearly some guys who aren't Cat5 ability, and they are racing their way up to 3's or whatever.  Everyone has to pay their dues, so it's ok.  Not like we're racing for big money anyway.  So, riders off the front, and a 2nd group of about 9 form.  I stayed with this group, and tried to conserve energy/wheel suck as much as I could.  If I were feeling stronger, I should have pulled and shared the workload.  That would have benefited the group if we all pulled, but I don't think anyone was interested in that.  Seems that a few guys were content pulling, and seeing that the first group was clearly faster than us, we just tried to shell each other.

I was sitting pretty good coming into the last lap, and figured I'd get up to the front of our group on the last climb, and then cruise down and sprint the last 50 yards into the headwind and see what happened.  Unfortunately, everyone decided to gun it on the last climb, and I flogged around and missed my chance.  Then I got lazy, and started coasting to the line, and forgot about the guy behind my who nipped me at the line.  That made me pretty mad at myself.  I was about 50' from the line and heard some teammates telling me to GO GO GO, and I started going and even threw my bike, but I guess it wasn't enough.  I thought I had it, and so did he, but the officials didn't, and I didn't want to make a fuss anyway for nothing.  I did finish 15 out of 32, so much better.  Not great, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

I need to pound the water, stretch, and roll my legs out today, not sit in a frickin' office chair.  Ug.

Tour of Lawrence is this weekend, and I'm 99% sure I'm only going to do the crit on Sunday.  There is a circuit race on Saturday too, but I'm feeling cheap and Penny had enough of the boys (mainly K) this weekend.  The crit is supposed to be one of the best all year.  Plus it's in such a kick ass town.

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