Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still alive and riding...

Two quick things.

I double dog dare you all to not eat at a chain restaurant for the remainder of June.  No McDonald's, Chipotle, Panera, Pizza Hut, nothing. 

This will have a few benefits.  One being you'll likely eat healthier, higher quality ingredients.  Two, you are supporting the local economy, not P/E of some giant restaurant brand.  Three, you're going to try some new places.  Some will be great, some only good, some bad.  But chances are you'll find a new favorite.  I suggest Yelp! to help you find some spots.  I have a widget on the side of my blog with some of my reviews and you can go from there.

So try that out.  Even if it's just a meal or two, try something new.  That little place in the strip mall between the dry cleaners and hardware store could be one of the best places to eat in your neighborhood.

The second thing was to watch this video.  It's not life changing by any means, but it's laugh out loud funny.

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