Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's almost been a month since we (I) last talked

I've raced once this CX season.  Can't say why.  Usually I'm breathing CX by now, but have hardly ridden and am wondering why not.  I rode to work today, which felt good, but also felt how dead in the legs I am.  I'm in no shape to show up and race Cat 3's, that's no joke.

Woe is me, I suppose.  Guess I just to pull my big boy pants on and get a few good races in before it's February and all the real racing is done.  I have a little over a month until the State Championship, so I'll make this pledge to all of you, my dear readers, many of whom are my teammates.  I'll get back on it.  I'll ride.  Ride often, and ride hard.  I'll do core workouts.  I'll stretch.  I'll break myself down to come back stronger.

You don't realize how important cycling can be until you stop for awhile, and then get back on it.  Then you wonder why you ever stopped...

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