Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prepping for the MO State Championships

Training has been pretty good.  I've realized that I've lost a LOT of base fitness, but I'm feeling a little stronger.  I wasn't exactly riding that well during radcross, and I took in a big swig of defeat during that race.  I was way off the back, and am riding several levels below where I was last year.

That all being said, I'm trying to recover some modicum of ability, and salvage the season with a strong race or two.  Boss Cross #5/MO State is my final tune up race before the KS State Championship next Sunday.  I need to ride strong and not have any stupid mechanicals.  I think I have the mechanical thing under wraps, and like I said, I've been training hard.  Last night, I blew my legs out doing The Sufferfest, Fight Club.  See below.  I love the Sufferfest, and they love me.

My legs are still achy today, which is pretty good for a one hour workout.  I'm lifting tonight with core with some more moderate spinning efforts, and then recover on Wednesday.  Blow the legs out again on Thursday night, lift/core/spin on Friday, and then easy spin with some openers on Saturday.

CX weather is finally here, and it looks to be a high of 38 on Sunday.  Brrr.  Maybe I should have bought that thermal skinsuit.  Oh well, there's always next year.

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