Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Tuesday.

Not really. It's average. Penny was home sick yesterday so I stayed home to take care of her and watch our poor patio guys sweat like nothing else. Penny and I went to the doctor and it ends up she has a severe kidney infection. They gave her a shot that had lidocaine and kryptonite in it and she's feeling a bit better. The doctor is going to rerun the blood work and see how she's doing today. At least she feels a bit better. She felt pretty awful, but not as bad as I would think given what she had. Of course, she is a tough German broad and probably didn't let on how much she was uncomfortable.

The patio is moving along pretty well, although I feel for those guys working on it. I wish I had some bigger trees around the house. I think we'll be getting some of those in the upcoming year. All these estate trees suck.

That's all for now. Enjoy your balmy Tuesday (if you're in the Midwest).

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