Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Working like crazy isn't fun when the weather is PERFECT.

One of the guys is out this week, so somehow I am picking almost his whole workload, which isn't much fun. I'm managing, but I'd prefer a not-so-frentic pace, especially after working nearly all last weekend too.

The patio should be finished today, as should the retaining wall as well. Now Penny and I have lots of landscaping to do. At least the dirt shouldn't be too compacted, which should be a big bonus. I also have about 2000 sq ft. of sod now, which should be fun trying to keep it alive through July and August. Hopefully we'll be done with 90+ stuff for awhile, but I doubt it. All I know is that my water bill should be astronomical for the next few months.

I've also been working on lengthening my golf clubs and putting on some mid-sized grips. I'm excited to work on that project, as it's pretty fun and should yield some good results. I'm hoping that slightly larger grips should help tame some of the right-to-left action I'm putting on the ball.

That's all for now, now go outside and play.

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