Monday, October 26, 2009

trees, and the rest

We got some new trees planted on Friday, which I'm quite excited about. I enjoy a lot of aspects of living in a new house, but I hate getting back to the newer section of the subdivision and all the houses are taller than the trees. I had a nice sized Autumn Flame Maple planted in the front, and a Greenspire Linden planted in the back. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys leaf out in the spring. I've already hit them with root stimulator, so I hope to see great things this upcoming year.

I must be getting old to be talking about trees.

I've been training a fair amount for my next cross race. It'll be on one of the middle weekends in November, I'm just not sure when since Penny is having a CD release party for her CD, Reveal.

I've been focusing mainly on performing Tabata intervals, and seeing decent results. I've lost a few pounds, and hope to keep that trend going. I think the important thing is to work towards a goal (placing stronger in CX) than to try and just "lose weight". That's a boring should be a reward!

I've also found out that my dad's dad that I never met passed away before I had a chance to meet him. It's an odd situation for me. On one hand, that's a pretty close genetic tie, but on the other hand, I knew nothing about him until I read his obit. It's not that I'd want to start a relationship or anything of the sort, but it would be interesting to see what he was like. It's a lot to digest, and one of those unknowns I'll have to live with, although it isn't THAT big of a deal to me. I don't even really know what I would have said. I mean, how do you start that conversation?

I'd imagine my dad would have quite a bit of emotions to deal with. I can't even begin to wrap my head around being in his situation (thankfully). I guess we all just have to make do with what we have in front of us, live with no regrets, and take care of those around us.

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