Monday, November 2, 2009

My Coffee didn't come early enough today.

On Mondays, Coffee is in a special place of honour, so it gets capitalized. Three cheers for Coffee! Unfortunately, I got in and the fan was already spinning with the remnants of barnyard animal crap on the blade, so I didn't get to indulge in my little ritualistic caffeine-infusion until I was already grumpy. But now all signs point up, and I'm doing better.

I've been reading my e-buddy Greg's blog "Mud and Cowbells" this morning and he had some great write-ups of the CX action in Boulder this weekend. Definitely not something for the masses, but he is mighty with the pen/keyboard and sometimes has some really nice non-bike blog entries (is there a sexier term for a singular blog entry? blogette?)

We had a pretty nice Halloween here, and I'll try and get the pics up soon. AB was a Jedi (imagine that, I know!) and Kieran was an Ewok. Now since I'm apparently related to all 24 people that haven't seen Star Wars, I've posted up what an Ewok looks like.  They are in Return of the Jedi, and help the Rebels (good guys) take down the shield generator that is protecting the Death Star. Obviously they succeed, otherwise we wouldn't be here with me typing and you reading this blog, because we would have been smashed to bits by the Death Star.

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