Monday, December 7, 2009

I still think I should get extra credit...

So my 3rd cross race was this weekend, Boss Cross #4 at Barry Platte Park in NKC.  The course had some rolling hills, two soft sand crossings about 20 meters long, and one set of barriers.  I really enjoyed the course, it had a great mixture of effort/recovery sections and there were certainly some opportunities to drop a few gears and get some speed going.  I also raced under the Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee colors for the first time, and I have to say, those guys are a nice bunch.  Pretty quick too! 

I really felt like I'm riding stronger, but still nowhere where I'd like to be for next season.  I really don't have much base fitness, so while I might have the gas pedal floored, there just isn't a whole lot of power getting applied to the rear wheel.  That just takes time and unfortunately, you can't build that up in a month or two.  You can augment it, but if there is no base to begin with, it's tough.  I've noticed that the more races I've been putting in, the more glaring my opportunities for improvement are.  I'm delighted to have this information at hand and I need to sit down after my last race and write down a season's worth of notes.  Despite all the shortcomings, I'm still super excited for Grote Prjis, which will be my assumedly final race of the season.  I'm honestly hoping for some snow and muck just to have a great experience and something to cap the season off with.

Anyway, back to this weekend.  I'm riding towards the back of everything, the guy ahead of me is too far ahead (read: not enough in the tank) to bridge the gap, and the guy behind me is probably thinking the same thing, so I'm just holding my position and having some fun.  I go through for my 3rd lap and I hear the scorers read out my number.  I'm figuring this is good and where things ought to be.  I then cross the finish line for my 4th and final lap and everyone is gone.  Just a few spectators, and the scorers are gone.  Well, I'm thinking I'm not going to stop because I still have a lap to go and I don't want to pull a DQ on something so silly.  So I hup hup to it and crank out another lap.  Somehow, between here and there, I must have blacked out and ended up doing 5 laps.  So one more than I needed.  I even asked the scorer's to verify and I looked at the sheet and everything was square.  Crazy.  Maybe I should have drank more water or something.  Oh well, nothing like free practice at race pace.  I guess.

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