Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hell, might as well take another 13 days off.

Yea, I know I'm the lamest blogger in terms of new content delivery.  The impetus for writing out new content just hasn't been there.  Not that there hasn't been enough stuff to write about, that's for sure.

My next race is on Saturday at Barry-Platte Park for the series finale of the Boss Cross races.  I've been training sporadically, but training hard, nevertheless.  Throwing up crossed my mind as I was done with my intervals last night, so that's worth something, right?  Haha!  My last race this year will be on January 10th in Old Shawnee Town, the Grote Prijs Shawnee.  This should be super spectator friendly as you can purportedly watch from the warmth of City Hall while I race around outside sucking the bark off of trees as I roll by.

I've also been graciously signed to the Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee race team!   Check out their website and see what I'm getting myself into.  I'm quite excited, and I think I should see a marked improvement in my results training with these guys (and gals).  I'm already excited for next cross season, but luckily I still have two races left this year before beginning the summer.

Talk to you all later.

I'm planning on taking a couple of months off of serious training before starting to train for my next event.

(edit:  This is what I call a poorly edited posted).

In continuation of "I'm planning on...":  I figure that I'll start a 12-week program in late Feb/early March for my next to-be-named endeavor.  It will be quite the spectacle, and I better be in excellent shape to complete and not die.  Of course, if my heart rate can hit 198 with no adverse effects, I might as well change the B in my middle name to stand for "bulletproof".


  1. When do we get a picture of you in your team "getup"?

  2. Soon enough...probably Tuesday or Wednesday after some of the local guys post pics of the race.