Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pics from Whistler (finally)

This should make Penny a little more are the pics from our Whistler trip. I cannot tell you how beautiful and enormous the mountains were. I really think you could ski there two weeks and not hit the same trail twice. And when you got to the peaks, it was nothing but beautiful snow-capped, cloud-wrapped peaks everywhere you looked. Phenomenal.

The second pic in is at the end of one of the Olympic downhill runs. Construction crews were still working fervently on completing all the accommodations for the 2010 should be very cool. I also want to say that I really wished I had my nice Nikon D80 up there. I think before we're going again I'm going to get a bombproof backpack and take some sweet shots. That POS Sony we have just doesn't cut it, as you can tell from the pics. It wouldn't stay on 80% of the time any way so we couldn't even take all the shots we wanted too. I should have just pulled the mem card and heaved that junker off of a 6600' peak.

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