Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another cyclist in the house!

Finally! We have AB riding his bike now, sans training wheels!

I had tried to get him going a few times just up and down our sidewalk, but that was like pulling nails to get him out there. Finally we decided to take him up to the school.

Saturday night we did just that and had him start out on the nice flat grassy fields. He took off the first time, and had a blast. He did really well, and never fell once. He went up and down the field a few times and then was a little tuckered out and wanted to play on the swingset, so that ended our training lesson for the night.

Sunday night came, and he wanted to ride again. Despite having just finished a triathlon, I went out there with him again, and we ended up having a nice crowd of neighbors to cheer him on. With the help of the Colonel, AB was riding in the street quite confidently as well. He was doing nicely until he rounded the cul-de-sac and stared down the storm drain and plowed straight into it, going over the bars. I was a very proud papa at that moment (it's a cyclist thing). He scraped up his knee pretty good, and we had some boo-hoo time, but 10 minutes later the Colonel had him back on his bike and AB did a great job. We were all impressed that he got back on it so quickly.

Last night he wanted to ride again (he rides more than I do now), and so we took him out. He was doing really nicely, going clear down the street. But then he would stop and look up the street at me and yell for help to get going again. I had him learn how to walk up a driveway and then point down the slope to get some help getting started. He mastered that technique in short order, and has no problems with curbs or anything. He is still a little wobbly, and needs to get a bit more control, but dang, he has came a long way in a very short time. I'm quite proud!

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