Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day

AB started Kindergarten today. I was pretty blase about it until I was standing on the neighbor's driveway talking to her, while all the kids buzzed about this morning. I remarked to her that "this is one of those moments that I know will soon become a distant memory".

I don't get too misty-eyed about AB and K getting older, but as time keeps marching on to its ever-steady beat, it makes me want to hold on just a little longer to my boys. One day soon, K will be off to school, AB will be off to middle-school, then high school, then college. They'll both be out of the house living their own lives and Penny and I will look at each other wondering where our little rambunctious boys went. I know in my head that day is a long ways away, but I also know out of my short parental experience thus so far, that life has a way of slipping through your grasp, especially when you try and hold on too tightly.

If there is any reward this life has to offer, it is the sheer pleasure of watching these two once-upon-a-time infants grow up, changing our worlds and seeing how the world changes them.

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