Tuesday, August 10, 2010

nos es caecus ut sors

..."we are blind to fortune".

At least that is what I intended to say in Latin.

As I was driving into work I was thinking about why is it second nature to to take things for granted? I was sitting there driving to a air conditioned job, that pays me well, in a nice car, with a nice house, kids, wife, etc etc. Everyone around me is healthy, and have little if no reason for complaint. Yet how often do we savor our good fortune?

Why is it that people who come close to dying often realize how precious life is, while the people with the full faculties to enjoy life often worry about the inane and unimportant things?

We don't notice a lack of pain or discomfort, and only once we are having to endure an especially difficult burden or sickness do we remember how things were once effortless. Even in a more milder sense, how often when we a "suffering" through a bad head cold do we just wish to be able to breathe through our nose or taste our food?

I certainly have more blessings than anyone should have, but I think it would be both wise and rewarding if we all should pause more often to remember what we have set before us.