Monday, October 18, 2010

Boulevard Cup 2010, post race recap

I'll start with the real important race first...Penny's Marathon. She blazed to terrific finish, especially for a first timer.

overall place: 599 out of 1425
division place: 35 out of 119
gender place: 158 out of 525
time: 4:14:23
pace: 9:43

Everyone is super proud of her, and I'm really impressed with how she did. Hopefully she can get some good rest in now so she can PR at the Turkey Trot. Or Gobbler Grind. Whatever it is. All I know is that it's a half marathon which involved running and I AM OUT.

I jogged with her from 20 to about 21.5, and she was right behind a guy who was doing a 100 marathons. Crazy. Anyway, this guy who was also right behind him had some friends right at mile 21.5 who thought it would be a great idea to chuck a football to their runner friend. Except for the fact that a) it was a 30 yard toss, b) their friend was in no way going to make a leaping grab or whatever, c) all the runners had their backs turned, and d) they pegged the guy doing the 100 marathons right in back of the head. I heard he slowed down, and those jackasses just earned a solid year of bad karma. Seriously stupid douchebags. In no way shape or form was that a good idea. At all. I hope the runner was ok.

Ok, now on from slow and steady to fast and furious. That was a lame blend of two cliches.

I felt pretty flat coming in to this week, as my legs weren't necessarily tired, but certainly didn't feel fresh. You need fresh in cyclocross to accelerate hard and break people's spirits. Yea, you read that right. I'm not out there to make friends. Not until I cross the line.

So I lined up a good bit better in the 3rd row, and still managed to flub my start by not getting into my right cleat. I had a lot of people pass me, and there just wasn't much passing. I got past a few people the first half lap, then just kept applying pressure where and when I could. There were a few instances where it got crowded and I was waiting on people to move out of the way, which stunk. I'm certainly stronger in the technical riding parts than having sheer fitness, so when the carcasses start piling up in the technical areas, I have to burn matches to get past the mayhem and get going again.

We had a great team turn out, and the Colavita Corner had more instruments and noise makers than I've seen in awhile. Thanks to my family that came out and cheered me on, and to my teammates that showed the other teams how to make some noise and tear it up in the race.

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  1. Look at my fit & trim (& HOT!!) hubby. You have come a long way this past year and we are all so proud of you! What a fantastic race this weekend!