Monday, April 29, 2013

Samantha Fish at Llewellyn's

Got to go see Samantha Fish two weekends ago, I've been remiss about posting about it.  Not sure why.

If you haven't heard of her, you need to check her out.  I won't recap what's easily found via Google, but she's a KC girl about ready to go big time (she's well on her way, imho).  I love her style of music, kind of swampy rock/blues.  More blues than rock.  She's accessible too, answering a few of my questions on FB, as well as chatting for a bit when we met in Dec.

She plays in KC usually a half dozen times a month, usually at Dirty Lew's, Trouser Mouse, Knuckleheads, or BB's.

She packs the house and I can't say enough about her.  If you get the chance, check her out!

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