Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nice weather, don't you think?

If I were to lament about nonsensical Kansas City weather is, it would fall on deaf ears. I used to think that KC got extra special crappy weather, but then I started watching the regional forecasts, and it seems that God has put a meteorological curse (or whatever God does) on the area roughly between Denver and Cleveland, and from Minneapolis to Dallas. KC just happens to be in the groin of that area.

This all being said, July hasn't been too bad. It's probably been about 15 degrees cooler in July than it was in June, which was the hottest June since the Great Meteor came and wiped out the dinosaurs. My new sod is finally starting to green up, but I don't know if that's because of all the godforsaken nutgrass or if there is real grass growing there. Looks like I'm in for about $200 worth of fescue seed for this fall, which I'm sure the CPA is dancing about after reading that.

Speaking of dancing about, we actually finished most of our painting, and it went pretty smoothly. I held my tongue (much gentler than biting it) and just put my head down, and almost 20 hours later most of the first floor was a darker shade of Johnson County beige than before. Sometimes I complain about some of our neighbors with GREEN or CAROLINA BLUE houses, but secretly, I admire them for painting something other than beige, tan, yellowish-brown, brown, tawny, or skin-colored.

I wanted to mention too, that our fellow blogger Heather Armstrong, of dooce.com, just got ranked #26 on Forbes for most influential women in the media. Heather's site has gotten huge, but I still recommend going out there and reading it. I recommended it to all of you probably 3-4 years ago, so I think that puts me on the leading edge of something. Maybe I can get a merit badge for that.

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  1. great post, chris. :)
    you should move to fl for good weather. so sorry we missed you during our trip to kc. it was chaotic. we need friends to visit us to have any quality time together. come again soon! until then...take care.