Monday, July 13, 2009


I am whooped. So is Penny. We did tons of landscaping this weekend, and while it looks nice, I'm tired. That is what a desk job will do to ya. We still have a bit more to do, and I have some hostas I need to get in the ground before the wind tips them over for the 30th time.

AB had an exciting day yesterday, first waking up at Grandpa D and GJ's house, then going to a birthday party, followed by Sunday school, and finally wrapping up the day with a little baseball. I nearly had to use the cattle prod to get him out of bed this morning.

I am starting to get a tickle in my throat, so I have to gargle some hot salt water to try and minimize any infection. I hate colds, especially in the summer time.

Kieran turned 10 months old yesterday, and his 2nd tooth erupted last night too. I'm glad he's not a biter, since he loves to gouge people with his razor sharp fingernails (I have one such gouge on my eyelid). He really wants to walk, but I think he's a solid month away from that. He's still pretty wobbly but I can certainly see some progress.

He was having a tough time sleeping yesterday, so I took him upstairs and through a blanket over him and rocked him for a bit and he finally konked out on me. I just had to hold him for awhile because I know these days are soon coming to an end. Sweet little baby!

To carry on the soppy tone of this post, Penny and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this weekend. That was the best movie either of us had seen for a very long time. I really enjoyed the plot and all of the little life lesson's that were revealed throughout the film. Two big thumbs up!

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I can get rested up to finish the egress window fence tonight or tomorrow, because we're going to start painting on Thursday. I'm pretty sure you can't hear my cheering because I'm not doing anything of the sort.

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