Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I finally rode to work yesterday, and it was a pretty fantastic experience overall.  There was a strong headwind the entire way home, which kinda stunk, but that just made it that much better of a workout.  I can't wait to bike-it again.

AB had a great time over the last weekend with his birthday celebrations, and he has certainly enjoyed officially becoming 5 now.  He is growing up way too fast.  He still does some little kid stuff, but I think he's going to ease right into kindergarten.  Sometimes I think Penny and I get too anxious wanting him to grow out of things, or K for that matter.  I know we aren't wishing time away, but we have to be careful to appreciate the moments we have with our small children.  Time is really flying by...I was just emailing one of my fraternity brothers and had to mention my age.  That seemed to really put it in perspective...telling my bro that I was 33 was weird.  And the fact that I've known him for 15 years is even more weird.

So while I have been ruminating about the time-space continuum and the forces it imparts upon my soul, I've been getting some good sweaty workouts in too.  I weighed in at 200.2 this morning.  I cannot seem to break 200 pounds for anything.  I'm going to have to really start pounding the pedals/lap pool/pavement to crack through, but the end is near.  Well, at least the end of being a clyde.  I'm hoping to get down to around 180 before cyclocross season starts (early September).  I'm hoping to be solid mid-pack fodder next season, with another gradual increase in results and my perception of my performance.

I think that's all I feel like spewing out for now, even though the cognitive back burner is full.

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