Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blogging with Norah

I wonder if the Norah Jones playing in my ears is going to effect the content of this post?  Probably...I think that'd be a good psych experiment.  "Is Music Intensity Reflected During the Writing Process?  Measurements in Aggression, Empathy, and Mood Scores as Effected by Aural Stimulation."  Wow, I guess that piece of paper on the wall was worth something after all.

So my tri training has pretty much sucked recently.  I moderately wrenched my back yesterday, so I laid on the couch and caught up on Fringe and Lost (almost).  There will be more of the same tonight, as I need to rest one more day before getting back at it.  Pun not intended.  2 days of rest, followed by moderate activity.  Ice/TheraFreeze help the process.  And lots of ibuprofen.  That's my recipe for soothing a sore back.

So now I went from Norah Jones to James Taylor.  Hmmm...this really isn't my cup of tea.  Where is my Porcupine Tree station?

Let's see..what else do I have?  I think I'm going to skip waiting for the Evo and go ahead and get the tried and true HTC Hero.  Sprint has dropped the price on it, plus it's getting Android 2.1 in a week or so.  I'm quite excited, since I hate my Instinct S30 more than a herniated disk.  Ok, not that much, but it's on the same list.

Hopefully I can get in the last two episodes of Lost tonight.  I kinda gave up on the show this year, but figured since it's the last season, I probably should stick with it.  I've also been catching up/watching all my Seinfeld DVDs I got for Christmas a couple of years ago.  They are EXCELLENT to watch on the trainer, and time flies by so quickly I can watch 3 episodes pretty easy and get my exercise in too.  Might as well buy the Entourage and True Blood dvd releases.  Hell, by the time I'm done watching all those I might weigh 160 pounds.  That might be too skinny.  I'm already having problems getting pants to fit me properly.

Ok, that's enough of that.  I'm going to finish listening to Dream Theater and head out into the bright shiny world.  I recommend you do the same.

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