Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forgot to say something

So I committed a total newb act on Sunday when I was out for my "long" ride. I'm just leaving the neighborhood when I realized I didn't have my pump, but of course, thought "when was the last time I had a flat?". Surely enough, 10 minutes later in the middle of nowhere on South (way South) Metcalf, I ran over a screw. I went through my tire, and through my tube twice and even marked up the inside of the rim. Freakin' awesome. To make things even worse, Penny was getting her yoga on and wouldn't be out of class for about 45 minutes.

Fortunately, I had my patch kit and a spare tire (my Mich Comps were getting long in the tooth), so I went ahead and got everything swapped out/patched up and waited for another cyclist. The first one passed by and even though I yelled at him, he wasn't looking up or stopping. I don't know if he had buds in his ears or what. So of course, it's at least 30 minutes before another cyclist stops to help me. The lady on the beautiful Colnago C50 graciously hooked me up with a air cartridge and got me rolling again. Many thanks to you if you happen to cross my blog!

I rode back to 167th and Metcalf, and then the tire went flat again because of my shady patch job I did on the tube. I re-radio'ed for help, Penny was out of class by then. That was the end of that ride. I think I got 12 minutes in. Rookie.

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