Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of the odd things I've noticed as I've lost weight is how exactly the fat has "came off". I put that in quotes, because your fat doesn't really come off, it just shrinks. You have the same amount of fat capsules (adipocytes), but they just shed some of what they hold. Thus, you generally get skinnier. More importantly, some of the fat that wraps around your body organs is shrunk as well, which is more important health-wise than any fat just inside your skin.

Anyway, I digress, as usual. Fat loss for me (and for most people, I would assume), has gone from the extremities inward. My forearms and calves have gotten pretty lean, but I still carry fair chunk (haha) of weight around my midsection and thighs. Nipples to knees, as I say. I've still lost weight in that area, but I'd like to have a six-pack again before I die. That's going to take some work. I kind of see one, but I'd rather it not require special viewing conditions to observe it.

So I started at 220+, and started racing cross at 217 lbs. I had a 38" waist too. Now I'm hovering at 189-190, and down to a 34" waist. I have a feeling I'll be seeing a 32" waist before Christmas, and hopefully I'll be in the 170's by a few pounds.

For everyday living, I think being 180# and 6' with my build is pretty good. But it's not that great when you're trying to keep your breakfast down and experiencing blurred vision as you race 'cross against a bunch of waif-like roadies. I guess I could always knock them over as they try and lap me.

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