Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two wildly unrelated things

First things first. My triathlon was awesome, that is if you are a storm chaser. I got out of the water, feeling pretty strong despite my inept attempt at swimming, and started stomping the pedals after getting in a fight with my socks in T1. I was just about to finish lap 1 of 2 when the race director called the race and everyone started leaving en masse. It was great having support out there, even though I barely saw anyone other than AB yelling for me and Joe B.'s hand.

So that was a disappointment, and against all better judgment, I'm considering competing in the Jackson County Tri at Longview Lake on August 22. I kinda want to do a tri, but then again that only leaves me like 3 weeks to get ready for cross. Ug! I know I'll probably succumb to the great temptation of drowning in an open water swim. I'll post up as soon as I make up my mind.

On the unrelated note, I thought that Robert Reich wrote up an interesting article speaking to wealth disparity in our country. I linked it here in case you might want to read it. Enjoy...

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