Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten things on my mind

I've noticed that my blogmanship has been lacking recently. Perhaps it is due to lack of initiative. Perhaps it is due to lack of time. I doubt it is either of those. I think it is the fact that I have so much on my mind, it is getting a bit stressful. One of the Buddhist adages I've retained over the years goes something like this, "Do not worry about what you cannot change, because those things are out of your control and your worry will not bear any fruit. And do not worry about what you can change, because you will do something about it."

Yea, I totally butchered that quote, but I can't find it and Google just failed me.

So here is a brain dump of things on my mind. Make sure you wipe your shoes before you leave.

1) AB has been sicker than I've seen him. He's on the mend now, but it was still tough seeing my little doppleganger with no wind in his sails.
2) 5 weeks or something like that to my next triathlon. I really want to swim better, but don't have enough fire under my ass to go practice 3x a week like I really need to.
3) I need to stop going to bed at 11:00 or 11:30 when Penny and Kieran wake up at 5:30. This lack of sleep is driving me insane.
4) I need to get back on the weight loss train, I've been hanging out at 190.x for a long time now. I think seeing 18x.x will be pretty sweet.
5) I wonder if being successful isn't more a curse than a blessing some times. It would be nice to walk away and do something more meaningful, or at least fulfilling.
6) Why is that mediocrity is so often rewarded?
7) Just when I think that our political process can't get much worse, I find out that a) the rabbit hole is much deeper upon further inspection and b) it's been like this a lot longer than most of us realize (and extends far beyond a single President's term).
8) BP is calling their own shots, and it's amazing that we still call this country a democracy.
9) My Evo is a terrific phone. I'm glad I got it and it is so much better than the Instinct it isn't even funny. Not one bit.
10) Sitting in an office chair for 40 hours a week sucks, but I think it's better than sweating my balls off swinging a hammer or zippin' sheetrock. God bless those guys who do that. I did enough of that stuff over my college breaks and it's a wonder any construction guys can walk past the age of 45 given the beating their bodies take.

All this pissin' and moanin' is just that. 97% of the world would trade their first-born to have the same set of problems I do. Sometimes it's difficult to keep perspective when your head is up your ass.

Tomorrow I'll be a little less grouchy or whatever I am today. But chances are, I won't blog about it. :-)

I think I just need a long, hard ride on my bicycle. Nothing like a little pain to stand you up straight.

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