Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello stranger

Things have been pretty busy around here, with Christmas, traveling, training, child-rearing, guitar playing, and reading.  I'll recap best I can, because it'll be time to go back to bike mode for the next few posts.  Even my grandparents were saying that there is too much bike stuff on my blog.  I had to reply that bike stuff is what is usually going through my mind.  So sorry, but I'm obsessive like that.  Anyway...

Christmas was a grand spectacle.  I stopped by my Mom's house on Christmas Eve, then went over to the in-laws' house with my Mom for some appetizers and drinks.  We all went to church, which ended up being short-lived because K wasn't in the mood to sit still.  I called that one.  20 minutes later, K and I are leaving to go back home because he's being a two-year-old and I'm not getting anything out of it anyway.  When everyone got back, it was time to open some presents, eat some soup, and then head back to our house.  The next morning Penny made some awesome breakfast bake and coffee cake, and we opened Santa's presents and our gifts to each other.  We then drove to StL to have Christmas there and have the big party that night at Ma's house.

I met a family friend that races CX too, so that was fun talking "shop" for a little while.  K had been sleeping like complete crap (which killed our sleep too), so I didn't have a lot of energy to stay up late and throw back the brew.  I'm hoping in the next year that K will be easier to manage, both day and night.  That kid wears us out.  It's good he is so cute and ornery, otherwise I would have sold him at a Turkish bazaar my now.  Seriously.

AB got a guitar for Christmas, and I think I've been playing it more than he has.  I've always thought it was cool, and since my rediscovery of Dave Matthews and his acoustical sets with Tim Reynolds, I've had the hankering to learn.  I just wonder how my fingers would hold up.  My hyperkeratosis is pretty sensitive, and I have a feeling I'd have a bloody guitar in no time.  Kind of a bummer.  Maybe I'll try it anyway.

I'll end this post now, as to not sully it with bike chatter.  That'll be tomorrow.  Hehe.

p.s. my legs are tired.

p.s.s.  Speaking of DMB and guitars, here is AB rockin' out...

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