Monday, December 20, 2010

It's not that cold

...yet.  Park City Mountain Resort has already gotten a load of snow this year, and I'm wishing we had a bit more here in KC.  No sense in being stuck inside with cold weather and not being able to get the only upside of winter (IMHO), snow.  Well, no bugs is nice too.

In the last week I've gotten sick and then well again, had my back try and go out and then mostly heal up, and got my new road bike built up.  The bike is great fun, I rode it yesterday for about 30 minutes and enjoyed being able to go flying around with great ease.  I will say it wasn't *quite* warm enough for shorts yesterday.  I'm going out again tonight on our Colavita/Parisi recovery ride, which ends at McCoy's.  It's a fun ride and it always feels good to stretch the legs and get to see everyone at a more casual venue than races (not that those aren't casual for most).

*30 minutes later*

Sorry, I got distracted and forgot what else I was going to write.  Talk at ya later!


  1. Where are the pics of the new build?

  2. I need to take some pics. The bike is riding great. It feels like a little toy compared to my big ol' cyclocross bike. I do know that it's a helluva lot faster than me.