Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random bike-related thoughts

- the UPS man is bringing my new bike tomorrow.  I predict I will be going to bed at 2am Monday night because I'll be building it up after the boys get to bed.  Vanity pics forthcoming.
- I've been trying different sweet spot training intervals, and they seem to work well.  At least I feel good.  The idea behind them is to hit the point where you are getting an appropriate amount of exertion, while only necessitating the least amount of recovery possible.  You could go harder, but then you'd have to recover longer.  Ideally, you set your training up around your recovery times.  You get stronger during recovery, not during training.
- Penny made a bread pudding for my birthday dinner.  It was awesome, but after eating I feel like I ate 40 pancakes.  I'd eat seconds if I wasn't concerned for my personal safety.
- I'm solo with the boys for a few days.  Good luck to me.
- It's quiet in the house, and time to go train (SST 3x15).

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