Friday, February 11, 2011


My mind is going quick, so I'm just going to blurt things out as they come to me, kind of like free association, so here we go!

Massive work project going on this weekend, and I have to be in at 5:30am. That'll suck. It's almost like working at DST again. Thank God it's only for one day. Ug.

Kieran got his big boy bed last weekend. Well, most of it. We're waiting on the support rails still, so it's just a head board and a full size box spring/mattress. He loves it. Unfortunately our sleep patterns still aren't very good since he's cutting molars like they were hundred dollar bills. This kid looks like a Great White Shark when he opens his mouth. I'm glad he's out of the biting phase.

I've borrowed a set of rollers from both my teammate Jake and Britton. The ones Britton gave me are pretty nice, they are parabolic to keep you from going off the edge, and it works well. If you go/fall to the edge too hard though, you're going off. It's pretty fun as I've never used rollers before, and I can see their benefit. Maybe I'll pick up a pair before next winter.

Training has been going ok. I've been good about training for 3-4 days, then taking a day off. Sometimes that day off turns into 2 or 3 days, which I REALLY need to get away from doing that. Gotta keep that Chronic Training Load on the upward slope. Only a few bike/endurance nerds will know what that means.

I think that's all I got for now. There's lots more buried in my brain, but it'll have to wait. Enjoy the pending weather warmup!

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