Monday, February 14, 2011


I was going to title this blog "horse shit", but I felt that was a little too PG13 so I put it in the first sentence.

Goodbye NEET Moto Series?

In sum, the event series I was planning on getting the majority of my races in this year has been canceled. Hopefully someone can step up and keep it close. I'm not driving up to farkin' Smithville for this stuff. The reason this series was going to be my redeeming grace was that it was Tuesday night, every week, for like 5 months. No weekend conflicts with the myriad of activities the boys do, or our honey-dos and all the other stuff that happens on the weekends. Not that I was opposed to the occasional weekend race, but races on Tuesday night was a sweet setup for me and my family.

If I were a seasoned road racer, I'd be up for promoting it myself. But I'm not. I have 0 road race experience, let alone any promoting experience.

My goal for this season was to get my 10 races in and move up to Cat4. Learn as much as I can, race effectively, and improve my fitness so I can be a solid Cat3 in cyclocross next season. It might be a little tougher to get all that done now. Totally possible, but just a little tougher.

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  1. Are the TNW's cancelled? I hadn't heard. It's me James T.