Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At it again.

Finally decided I had a long enough break, and am cranking up my workout regiment again.  5 days a week, rest days on Friday and another TBD day.  Lots of biking, lots of core work, some weights, and some running.  The name of the game is more overall fitness than such a razor sharp focus on cycling.  I gotta keep it varied and interesting.  I can't just ride 6 days a week anymore.  I rode on the trainer (it was late) on Monday pretty hard, and then did a short run last night.  I'll be running at least 2x a week.  It's great for weight loss, and I enjoy it because it doesn't take long.  At this running-impaired state, I can be done in less than half an hour.  Hopefully I can increase that as time goes on.

I'm going to start commuting at least once a week, twice would be great.  The weather is awesome and there's no excuse, especially with it being bike to work week.  I brought my clothes in today so I can ride in tomorrow.  Left my wipes at home, but I can fit those in my jersey pocket.  I also keep a pair of shoes at work, which is handy. 

Tonight I'll probably do some upper-body work, and some core.  I'll commute tomorrow, then group ride on Thursday night.  Friday off, then get some decent miles in on Saturday, maybe some hill work on Sunday.

Sounds like a plan, at least. 

I get to go to the Royals-Cards game on Saturday thanks to my beautiful wife.  That should be great.  I can't wait.

p.s. You can tell I'm scatter brained today because everything is short choppy sentences.  Better than nothing, I suppose.

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