Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ride to the Stars

Yea, I know that's a lame title.  I rode to the Louisburg Observatory and back.  Pretty neat, and a lot smaller than I would have thought.  I even stopped to take a few pics like my buddy SC.  He's quite the blogger, you know.

It was a really fun ride, despite being into a 20mph headwind the first half of the ride.  I just took it easy, figuring to save a little for the trip back home.  Lap 1 avg was 15.5, lap 2 was 19.7.  I'm actually surprised lap 2 was slow like that.  Seemed faster at least.  Anyway, it was a great ride, and didn't get chased by any dogs or breezed by any cars.  Not much traffic.  It'd probably be better if I could get out around 6am and do this ride.  Probably less wind, even less traffic, and a little cooler.  I'll be needing that soon.

If the weather cooperates, I'll be trying my first crit tonight.  We'll see.  Doesn't look promising.

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