Monday, May 2, 2011

A tale of two cities

Saturday: Gorgeous
Sunday: Not so much

So I managed to get my first (mild) sunburn of the year on Saturday.  I went out for a ride on Saturday, and got some decent miles in.  I put on some of my new sunscreen that I got for Christmas.  I got it for triathlons, since it's supposed to be a good active sunblock, but it works great for just cycling too.  That was in the morning.  I then took a shower, and then goofed around outside most of the rest of the day, and burnt my face, forearms, and calves a bit.  Not too bad, but I looked like a dunderhead since I told Penny to make sure to put sunblock on while she was doing a beautiful job planting flowers in the landscaping.  AB got burnt too at baseball practice.  I sure can look like an irresponsible parent sometimes.

My ride on Saturday was nice.  I went at it pretty hard, as I wasn't up for lolly gagging around.  My heart rate averaged at 165bpm, which was about 10bpm higher than usual.  Some of that was indicative of effort, but some was probably due to me not drinking enough water.  I need to get back on to that kick.  Nothing will deter an athlete like being dehydrated.  Maybe not enough salt, but you gotta have water too.  I drained my two bottles on the ride, but should have been drinking a lot more on Friday.  Everyday, really.

On Sunday there was a nice Colavita contingent out racing the Sheehan Road Race.  It looked fun, and I kinda wish I could have been out there, but I would have gotten killed.  At least I think I would have.  I need a couple more weeks of training before I start hitting the TNW's and to get ready for the Tour of KC, then Tour of Lawrence.  I had planned on going to Tulsa, but I am really doubtful of that now.  I am excited to get back on the horse though.  I hope to head out for one of the Hill rides, which will probably make me depressed.  But getting your ass kicked for free is better than paying $25 for it.

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