Monday, September 14, 2015

Soccer, more training and a birthday too!

AB had a soccer tournament this weekend up in Des Moines, so the family enjoyed Iowa for a few days. By enjoyed, I mean breathed air. Not much enjoyment up there. The tourney went good, his team squashed the first 3 teams they played, but then luck would have it, they had to play AB's old team and lost a tough match. AB still had a lot of fun, and so it's a win.

Kieran turned 7 on Saturday, and being the trooper he is, still managed to have a blast even enduring multiple soccer games. His "big" present tonight is his own hamster, so we'll have to head up to the hamster farm and pick out a good one. He got a really cool shirt too, I'll have to get the pics from Penny and post them up.

Training and eating are going well, despite having to eat out all weekend. I lost another 0.9% body fat with no lean mass reduction, which is awesome. Just gotta keep on keeping on. And eating protein.

That's it for now. Enjoy the weather!

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