Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The evo has landed

So finally, after much ballyhoo and whatallhaveya, I got a Sprint Evo after getting on three different stores wait lists. Indeed, it is a cool phone and can do dang near anything. BUT, like early adopters have been screaming on the interwebs, it does have a lackluster battery life. It probably has an average battery, but with all the different radios, there is no way it's going to last that long. I'd give it 4.5/5 stars for now.

I have 12 days til my next tri. My swimming has not progressed as much as I had hoped, but I'll still survive. Just have to keep my head down and pound out the yards. My running has been going well, and I'm starting to dip below 10 minute/miles. That's a very pedestrian pace, but it's a pretty good clip for me. I'm anxious to keep putting on the miles and quickening that pace as well as increasing run distances.

13 days until cyclocross training begins...hehe.

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