Monday, August 8, 2011

Odd weekend

The weekend felt long physically, but short mentally.  Sounds weird, I suppose.

Friday night we cleaned the house, and I hit the trainer for an hour or so while Penny went to bed early.

Saturday we woke up early, headed down to Stockton Lake for a family reunion, and had a great time.  The weather was really nice, and the water felt great.  AB had a great time tubing and swimming, K had a great time running off from everyone and trying to jump out of speeding boats, Penny had a good time seeing her family, and I had a great time until I got my first migraine ever.

The tubing I did earlier in the day really jammed my neck/spinal cord up, and I instantly started getting a headache.  By the time we got back for dinner, I didn't feel like eating, and I took 3 Motrin.  Stuff started getting bad; I was getting nauseaous, felt overheated, and my vision was starting to blur.  I went to the car and got in the A/C, and that felt a little better.  I was trying to drink water but my stomach wasn't up for that either.  I ended up stumbling off to the woods to yak all over the place, and that didn't help.  I thought I was having a stroke or something, I wasn't sure what was going on.  About 9pm everyone cleaned up, and we headed back to hotel over some swervy roads so that was a real hoot.  I was having to take deep breaths so I didn't ruin my sweet Audi leather with puke from the abyss.  I made it, barely, went to the hotel, took a nice shower and then hit the hay.  I was almost back to normal in the morning.

It was a rough wake up as Penny's mom came tearing down to our room at 6:45 telling us AB was gone.  Penny flies out of bed, and I under-react as usual.  I'm of course a little scared, but more of me wanted to beat his ass for leaving the hotel room.  He's too small to tell him what really happens to kids when they disappear, but maybe he'd stay closer at that point.  Fortunately he turned up quickly, and he didn't seem to think that anything that bad had happened.  Penny and her mom were understandably upset, and I just kind of glared at him hoping he would understand the brevity of his actions.  Hopefully it sunk in.

Not to dwell on it, we got packed up and had a great breakfast at "The White Grill" in Nevada.  Kind of a cool, old-style greasy joint.  They had good breakfast stuff, kinda wish I could have had a hamburger.  Maybe a different time.  Apparently Harry Truman ate here.  

We made great time home, then, met the Smith side of the family for a birthday lunch at Blue Moose.  Turkey Burgers and sweet potato fries were good as always.  We then headed over to Incredibowl for some bowling, and then the boys crashed out on the way home.  Penny and I got them to bed, then we laid out on the couch and snoozed.  We woke up for our Sunday afternoon kickball game, and the kids slept another hour or so, so the babysitter had an easy gig.  Penny and I went out for dinner/drinks with the team after getting whipped for the third straight week, and then we went home, and everyone was lights out a 9pm.

I didn't get to run nor ride.  It's been weeks since I've ridden outside.  I better change that in short order otherwise I'm going to DFL my first month's worth of CX races.  And that just won't do.  

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