Friday, August 12, 2011

Slow and fat

I can't believe how much fitness I've lost in a month, on top of the 5-6 pounds I've put on.  I commuted yesterday, and felt slow, plus I didn't have any legs for the climbs.  That in itself is disastrous, since I'm a poor climber to begin with. 

I'm trying to keep my head on straight though, and work hard, and work consistently.  I should be in ok form by the time the first CX races start, and hope to be in great shape heading into Jingle Cross in Iowa and then into December/January.

I think I've decided to race Masters this year, and maybe a few cat 3 races as well.  I imagine the competition will be similar, maybe an edge to the Masters as being faster.  I can only hope that I can get better sleep this CX season as Kieran was a beast to deal with last year.  He was up nearly every other night, and it was killing us.  Now he's just late to bed, early to rise, but we don't hear much from him between 10p and 6a.  He's not as good of a sleeper as AB is, and I think that's in part to him being so curious about stuff.  He'll get there sooner or later I would imagine.  Hopefully sooner.  Like once the sun starts going down before bedtime.

So apart from seeing how weak I was yesterday, I've been running a bit to prepare for the North Face Endurance Challenge 5k with my sister.  I'm proud that's she's training through it, and she'll probably make me look silly as I'll have to walk the first mile or so.  My legs seem to take longer to warm up as I get older.  I guess that's a common occurrence.

I'm looking forward to long-sleeved skin suits with cooler temps and leaves crunching under our wheels.  The sounds of free-wheeling, then feet stomping and jumping past barriers.  The taste of blood in your mouth as you cross the finish line because you gave it everything.  The feel of excitement in the pre-race air, because everyone who is there loves to race cross.

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