Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Riding again...

Sunday was to be a great ride, and it was for the most part. I got up early, loaded up the water bottles, pumped up my front tire (it has a latex tube), and hit the road by 6:30. I started going north up Mission, just to get to mile 5, then turn around and head south. I figured if I added 10 miles to my "usual" ride to the Louisberg Observatory, I'd get a nice 50-miler in. I wasn't in any hurry, and the weather was awesome. About 65 degrees and very few cars.

I was actually smiling mid-ride it was so nice. And then my good luck caught up with me and my left cleat came off of my shoe. I couldn't pry it off with my multi-tool (at least not safely), and so the calvary was called to come get me. Almost 22 miles in. I wasn't furious, just frustrated. Cleat bolts are just something you should check once-a-month, and I failed to do that. I think one of the screw receptacles in my shoe is partially stripped anyway, and my shoes are ready for retirement. So there's something going on my Christmas list, these:

So the ride wasn't a complete wash, but it left me wanting more.  We had a 4pm kickball game, and it was crazy hot out there.  I then decided since I was already sweaty to head out for another trail run, and that was a fine decision.  I got 2.2 miles in, and ran a great majority of the time.  I'm starting to get a little bored with Stanley Nature park, and if I really stretch the park boundaries, I can get 1.1 miles in per lap.  It's close and convenient, but I think that I'll be running at Minor Park before too long.  That is, if I keep running during CX season.  I might a little just to keep things interesting.

So fast forward over Monday, since I had to mow the grass.  I'm glad I did, because it's coming back alive and was a lot thicker and taller than I realized.  It's unfortunate that mowing is so bad for the environment.  Mowing an average sized lawn emits the same amount of pollutants as driving your car 100 miles.  But a well-maintained lawn certainly looks nice too.  It's ironic how many self-destructive behaviors we engage in.

Anyway, to offset at least part of my mowing (and to get some more miles in), I rode to work today.  Totally sweaty when I got to work, but it was a great ride.  Plus I'm getting into a group ride tonight with some friends, so it should be great, albeit hot.

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